What is Dynamics 365 and how can it help your business?

Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool which is designed and developed for business management. It connects your finances, sales and marketing to completely streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and enable growth. Hosted, of course, in the Cloud, Dynamics 365 is accessible to all employees from anywhere, so departments are fully aligned with activity occurring throughout the business.

How can Dynamics 365 help your business? In this blog, we’ll outline how Dynamics 365 empowers different teams to achieve maximum growth as well as streamlining our own internal processes.

For sales

At intY, Dynamics 365 is an essential tool which is used at every stage of the selling and partner enablement process. Joe Powney, cloud partner enablement manager at intY, explains the huge benefits of the service.

I particularly like using Dynamics to plan my day using the ‘task list’ and using the Outlook plug-in to automatically create entries for any emails and meetings with the account. The emails that are linked in Dynamics give our account managers the history of our previous conversations.

We can also see any outstanding technical/billing enquiries and any events/webinars that they have signed up to, giving us a holistic view of our partners accounts so we can have meaningful and informed discussions with them. It goes without saying that this drastically improves the sales process as well as the whole customer experience with intY.
— Joe Powney, Cloud Partner Enablement manager - intY

For marketing

For marketing, when dealing with both prospective partners and partners alike, Dynamics 365 enables a complete view of the sales funnel. For marketing teams bringing in leads, they are imported and hosted in Dynamics 365 where they can then be assigned to the relevant sales person.

I use Dynamics every day to communicate with partners about any product updates, promotions or events we may have. I can create and plan campaign automations, design emails, integrate promotions and event registrations.

I can analyse campaign results, identify trends and optimise future content. Dynamics also allows me to filter data and execute targeted communication to niche groups of partners and prospects.
— Maria Bruma, Marketing Executive - intY

For finance

As a finance department our main, daily interaction with Dynamics 365 is to access and work on tickets and cases relating to things such as invoices and billing queries. Through Dynamics, we’re able to have a central depository for tickets within the finance team. Across our department we have separate functions which deal with different request types on a daily occurrence. We’re easily able to route and distribute cases to the relevant people and we are able to track and monitor these tickets to ensure prompt response and resolution.

In addition, we can also route tickets to other areas of the business, adding in notes to assist in the completion of them. We can receive tickets back if finance is then required for further actions.

Dynamics 365 also provides us a useful, historical archive of all past cases and tickets. If there are any queries on past cases we are able to look at a customer account and see all associated cases with that account, past and present. From here we can also obtain any relevant business tickets. This provides a useful overview of a customer and we’re able to see a detailed breakdown of everything that has gone on to make better judgement.
— John Heggs, Financial Accountant - intY

For support

In the partner support team at intY, we use Dynamics 365 all day, every day. Dynamics 365 allows us to keep customers updated and resolve their issues promptly and effectively. A huge benefit for us is its integrations. Dynamics 365 is integrated with intY CASCADE which means we always have up-to-date customer account and contact details, as well as details of the services they have. Dynamics 365 also integrates with Outlook and makes our communication with customers clear and easy to track.

Dynamics 365 also works with Power BI to produce fantastic wallboards and dashboards making it very easy for us to track team and individual performance at a glance. It also integrates well with most modern cloud call centre offerings.

Having one set of credentials across the full Microsoft suite also ensures no one ever forgets their login too!
— Brendan Sheppard, Partner Support and Operations Manager - intY

So, from sales to marketing, finance and support, Dynamics 365 is an integral service for many of our day to day roles. We’re passionate about providing the very best service to our partners and Dynamics allows us to achieve a smooth and seamless experience for any external contacts outside intY.

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