intY helps Hill Data Systems improve delivery of IT services

“Historically, the SMB community have not been afforded the same levels of flexibility when it comes to procuring IT services, compared to their larger counterparts. Firms can often find themselves restricted to ridged, inflexible products and services, that often don’t meet their needs as a business. At Hill Data Systems, our ethos has always been to turn this approach on its head and work with our customers to give them the systems and solutions that suit their business needs, not someone else. For this to be effective we have to work with the right partners who not only understand this approach but also practice it.”
— Ken Hill, Owner and Director - Hill Data Systems.

Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Hill Data Systems was founded in 2010 to assist start-ups, small and growing businesses get the most out of their IT budget – whether that be in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid approach. The company serves a variety of organisations across fields including manufacturing, distribution and business services, with customers spread right across the country including London and Newcastle, as well as into Europe.


A key component for Hill Data Systems’ success is its ability to provide customers with access to first class technology solutions, without the expensive, financial outlay that often accompanies this process; Microsoft Office 365 being one example.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cost-effective way to get access to Microsoft’s enterprise grade server technology without the needed investment in hardware or software. Currently, Hill Data Systems has over 30 businesses taking over 500 Office 365 licenses, representing a significant presence within its service portfolio, Ken explains:

Working with Microsoft is important for our customers. As small businesses, they need to make sure that the software they use is compatible with their customers and clients, and because of this we receive high demand for Office 365 services. Historically, we took these licences from a previous IT distributor, but this was not without its challenges.

Setting up the licences was often a cumbersome and overly complicated process, which meant valuable time was often lost on fairly routine tasks. Additionally, having no direct access to an account manager meant that when issues did occur, there was no one to raise these with, adding further complications to how we operate, impacting us and, critically, our customers too.

We recognised that this process was not conducive to how we wanted to work and re-thought our options. It was at this point we spoke to intY.
— Ken Hill, Owner and Director - Hill Data Systems


As a leading cloud distributor for over 20 years, intY’s focus is to deliver the very best in services, products, support and information for its partners. A testament to its success is reflected not only in its global reach, with operations in the UK, US and main-land Europe, but also in the depth of its partnerships amongst the biggest names in the industry, including Microsoft. This is something which immediately resonated with Ken:

Initially, what really stood out for us with intY was its level of attentiveness. The team at intY understood our business immediately, as well as the challenges that we were facing. Firstly, we were assigned an account manager who has remained our point-of-contact. Any questions that we have, we can go to them directly and get an immediate response, which in turn rapidly increased our response times to our customers. Critically, a pain-point that we had was initiating new Office 365 licences. Setting up a new licence was a lengthy process, often hindered by overly complicated step-processes. With intY, however, setting up a licence can now be done in minutes, delivered via a number of simple processes. This change has been truly remarkable for us and our customers.
— Ken Hill, Owner and Director - Hill Data Systems

Additionally, to this support, another benefit Hill Data System were able to receive from intY were its direct access to those experts at Microsoft, as Ken comments:

We were really impressed with how quickly intY could respond to our requests, but what proved equally invaluable was its ability to access information from Microsoft directly. As we grow our business it is paramount that we are able to demonstrate our expertise. Having that direct pipeline, through intY, to companies like Microsoft reinforces that, enabling us to stand apart from our competitors.
— Ken Hill, Owner and Director - Hill Data Systems


Since partnering with intY, Hill Data Systems have been able to capitalise on many benefits including improved operational efficiencies, seen when setting up new licenses, as well as being able to increase its Office 365 returns due to the better margin provided by intY.

In addition to Microsoft, it now also takes licenses for BitTitan’s MigrationWiz service. Previously, it used to take these licenses directly from BitTitan, but the ease and accessibility provided by intY’s CASCADE platform meant it made sense to take these services from intY instead.

intY has really enhanced how we are able to operate as a business. Speed, flexibility and attentiveness are core values to how we operate, and working with intY allows us to keep adhering to these values. Our customers really benefit and because of this we’re now looking at rolling out Exclaimer email signatures to all our Office 365 Managed Service customers as part of our standard offering. Critically, as their businesses grow, they can be safe in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure has the scalability and flexibility to grow with them.
— Ken Hill, Owner and Director - Hill Data Systems
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