We’re saving over £100k a year by shutting down our own Hosted Exchange and switching to the cloud

The big debate...

There’s a big debate in our industry about on-premise servers versus the cloud.


Which is better for customers?

Which is more cost effective for businesses?

Which offers better features?


Well, here at intY we’ve done both, and are big advocates of cloud over on-premise servers, for both our business and our customers.

Microsoft is one of our biggest suppliers and they’re encouraging their partners and customers to switch from Hosted Exchange to its cloud platform, Office 365. So, if they’re encouraging it, why on earth wouldn’t we get on board?

We’ve noticed that a few of our competitors are continuing to sell Hosted Exchange, which seems bizarre because it means their customers do not benefit from the additional features of Office 365. Granted, Hosted Exchange does offer better margins right now, but we are investing in our customers’ futures by switching to Office 365, and we are providing them with a superior service, which we think is more important than saving a few pounds in the short term.

As a business we are going to be saving £111,000 a year by switching to the cloud. We can now reinvest that money back into intY and begin work on other projects that benefit our customers, without the worry of whether our customers are getting the support they need.

Since we’ve switched to Office 365, the servers are now housed with Microsoft, so customers can be reassured that their data is safe and they’re getting the expert support they deserve.

We’re excited about this new phase in our business, cloud servers as opposed to on-premise servers are definitely the future in our industry and we’re keen to be the company at the forefront of it.

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