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Hey there! We’re intY… CRN’s Cloud Distributor of the Year in case you didn’t know. 😉

There are many reasons as to why we won the award, but one of our strengths is our invaluable relationships with world class cloud vendors, and in particular, Symantec.

In 2017, CRN wasn’t the only award we won. intY is officially Symantec’s Outstanding Cloud Partner of the Year 2017! No wonder the intY man always looks so happy…

So, we presume you’re here because you’re on the hunt for a selection of robust Symantec security solutions to put those cyber-crims back in their place, and, make a healthy amount of wonga on the services because of our unbeatable prices. Hallelujah! That’s why you’re better off buying through a Symantec Cloud Distributor!

Here we’ll outline the services we sell from Symantec, and how you can provision licences in seconds (yes, seconds!) with intY and our lightning speed cloud marketplace, CASCADE.

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Let’s start with email security as this is the one your customers need. Take a second to think about how many phishing attempts come through to your mailbox every single day. Loads, we knoooooow! Symantec Email will stop malicious or suspicious emails in their tracks, so your customers can relax in the knowledge that their staff won’t accidentally click on any link that may lead to a cyberattack.

Protect Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, and on-premises email with the industry’s most complete email security solution.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

This is a good’un. With Symantec ATP, you can uncover the stealthiest of threats that would otherwise evade detection by using intelligence from one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks… it’s like being a secret agent!

ATP actually has some really cool features. One feature in particular within the ATP stack is impersonation controls and advanced email security analytics. It includes insights into both clean and malicious emails in Symantec Email to ensure that any possible threats will be detected and stopped.


EVERYONE NEEDS THIS! Sorry to shout, but it’s true.

Pretty much everyone at work uses the internet in their daily job, and this makes our organisations vulnerable to a whole world of web threats. Symantec Web helps protect businesses from unsafe websites and malicious downloads, and allows you to control, monitor and enforce Acceptable Use Policies for internet users… anywhere. Best part? As a cloud-based service, Web automatically updates anti-malware layers to block threats safely, and away from your network.

Endpoint Protection Cloud

Endpoint Protection Cloud

Praise endpoint protection! Thank you, Symantec. This is a game changer.

It was only a matter of time before portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets became an avenue of great promise for cyber criminals… Not anymore, crims!

Symantec Endpoint Protection is so good in particular for small to medium sized businesses who may not have the man power or budget to implement real robust security solutions.

So, that’s a high-level overview of the Symantec services we deliver faster than any other Symantec Cloud distributor. If you’re interested in selling one, all, or a selection of these services through intY and our award-winning cloud marketplace, CASCADE, or you’d simply like some first-class advice on the services, get in touch with our cloud specialists today.

You’ll be hard pushed to find other cloud specialists with as much knowledge as ours as our close relationship with Symantec means we receive the best training first hand from the king of security.

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