The wonders of Exclaimer Cloud

Exclaimer Cloud is an award-winning Office 365 signature management tool that enables organisations to internally manage signatures across the business on any device.

It’s a simple add-on to every Office 365 licence you sell, earning you more monthly revenue and creating a stickier solution for your customers.

Brand consistency

For brand managers, designers and marketers alike, the importance of a consistent brand is up there as a main priority to ensure a brand’s presence doesn’t become diluted. Exclaimer eliminates poor brand consistency across email signatures by keeping logos, fonts, colour palettes and information uniform from employee to employee. As Exclaimer is a cloud based service, this means that every single employee wherever they are in the world can carry the right signature and promote a brand strongly across the globe.

Another marketing channel

In addition to brand consistency, Exclaimer also serves as another digital marketing channel. Use the space to promote various campaigns, product launches and more, pushing even more traffic to your website from a more personal channel. You can set up specific signatures for different teams and the promotion begins organically with every email sent.


But, it’s worth mentioning that Exclaimer isn’t here to fully lockdown signatures with no flexibility. You can allow users to choose an Office 365 signature in Outlook as they compose a message. So, for example, with a sales team, you may have some team members working with a target audience but pushing different promotions according to the client. They can choose the signature they wish to use for whoever it is they are emailing.

Easy to use

What’s more, you don’t need to be a tech guru to use Exclaimer to its full capabilities. The user interface has been designed with every level of IT knowledge in mind; it’s simple, it’s easy and you can preview your signature before you send it out. Any authorised user can create compelling on-brand email signatures.

Features and benefits of Exclaimer Cloud

Exclaimer's drag and drop editor means you don't need HTML skills and you can update multiple Office 365 signature details such as...

Contact details

Logo and banner

User photos

Social media buttons

Legal and compliance

A preview

Next to the editor box, you can see your signature updates in the preview pane before you save and send, so you can make adjustments until you’re fully satisfied!

Or, if you need a quick signature and don’t have the capacity to design one, choose from a variety of professionally designed templates from the library!

Full control

Full control

With Exclaimer Cloud, you’ll have full control over all design elements of your signature.

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Font family, size and colour
Hyperlink text
Background images/colours
Hide contact fields if empty
Add borders
Render to bitmap
Use tables

User management

User management is really simple with Exclaimer Cloud. You can use just one account to manage multiple Exclaimer Cloud subscriptions:

Add multiple users to a subscription.

Give editor or admin permissions to specific users.

Assign signatures based on one user, department, a domain or specific user attributes.

Designated signatures for external and/or internal recipients.

Create different signatures for reply and forwarded emails.

Personalise signatures with employee photos.

Test out the signature before connecting to Office 365.

Allow users to choose from selected signatures.

Add contact details from your Office 365 directory.


Exclaimer Cloud is the­ only Office 365 signature management service that is ISO 27001 certified. Here are some other technical details…

Signatures are applied to emails sent on all devices.

14 regional Azure data centre locations worldwide.

Data centre failover if issue occurs at a Microsoft Azure regional data centre.

Robust security including 2-factor authorisation and 24/7 monitoring service.

Automatic Office 365 connector and Transport Rules setup.

Use Office 365 custom attribute fields.

Receive real-time service health notifications.

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