The Azure market opportunity for MSPs

In the battle of the cloud providers, Microsoft Azure is quickly gaining momentum. Within the last year, sales have increased by 93 percent, with subscriptions rising to 120,000 per month.

So, it’s not surprising that Azure has become a very appealing market opportunity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Who’s using Azure?

Many businesses, both small and large, are investing their time, money and business efforts into the cloud. But with the help of recent surveys and trends, we’re able to get valuable insights into who makes up the market.


  • Of the 66 percent of Azure users Sumo Logic surveyed, half were from enterprises with more than 10,000 employees, suggesting that enterprises find Azure a favourable cloud provider.


  • In terms of how they’re using Azure, 67 percent of companies are using software-as-a-service, 41 percent are using infrastructure-as-a-service, and 39 percent are using platform-as-a-service.

Azure vs AWS: who wins?

In the past, Amazon Web Services was considered the ‘king’ of the cloud. However, it’s become increasingly apparent that the balance is shifting.

Two thirds of organisations claim they are using Azure, compared to just over half who are using AWS, according to a recent Sumo Logic survey.

What’s more, when you take trust and user satisfaction into account, Azure again comes out on top. As of this year, UK Azure customers can take advantage of Azure backup and archive in their preferred UK regional data centres. Ultimately, this means that organisations no longer need to worry about the physical safety of their data or the cost of storing their assets closer to home.

Future Investments

In a recent Microsoft ‘cloud profitability and scenarios’ document, they list the market opportunity for Azure MSPs. A striking pattern with all the statistics is the obvious increase in growth and investment. According to this document, within the next few years:

65 percent of businesses will commit to a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft partner mobile device management is set to grow by 102 percent.

All enterprises are expected to purchase external data.

Internet of Things analytics will have a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent.

These are just some of the growing and attractive market opportunities Azure can offer MSPs.

Embrace and Expand

The Azure market opportunity for MSPs has never been bigger. So, take a look at what Azure can do for you, embrace the opportunities and open your company up to new customers, new experiences and new business heights.

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