5 ways businesses benefit by moving to the Cloud

Check out these 5 ways every business, large or small, can benefit by moving to the Cloud...

Never overspend on essential services again

Cloud services are easily and efficiently scalable meaning that you can add or remove seats as and when necessary. So, if a business peaks over the summer months and this requires temporary employees to help handle the busy periods, then a few more seats can be added easily via CASCADE. Then, once the busy period is over and temporary employees are no longer needed, seats can simply and easily be removed. With cloud services, you only ever pay for what you need, and intY’s 30 day rolling contract policy allows you to supply your customers with lightning speed cloud services who are in need of extra help during peak seasons.

The other benefit to scalable cloud services is that when a business grows, services can quickly be provisioned in seconds to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, no matter how fast the growth is. For smaller businesses especially, it’s difficult to determine how many resources you need, taking into consideration the growth of the company and the ability to handle extra opportunities but without overspending. With cloud services, you take away the need to predict what you might need, and instead, you react to what you need as and when opportunity comes in.

Reduce energy consumption with cloud storage

Storing your business data in the cloud lowers energy consumption as giant data centres are friendlier to the environment than having in-house servers. As well as lowering electricity costs, you also don’t have the costs of updating, repairing and maintaining hardware, which, a lot of the time, goes unused.

Secure data backup in the event of a disaster

Cloud backup can help to ensure that you can access the latest versions of your data in the event of a disaster, such as a fire or flood. Cloud based backup means that you can back up your data automatically and frequently to an incredibly secure online location so if a disaster does happen, you can be up and running again in minutes. The Acronis AnyData Engine backs up to local storage on your premises for rapid restore and also to the extremely secure data centers for disaster recovery.

Enhanced collaboration

When all applications, services and data are available in the cloud, anyone in the business with permissions to access documents can do so from wherever they are.

For instance, with Office 365, collaboration is enhanced when employees are out of the office on a day to day basis as they can still communicate easily, share files and access data while on the move. For senior members of a team managing employees, different permissions can be set according to what job the team member does and their level in the business. For example, junior members could be allocated ‘contribute permissions’ where the permissions let you view, add, update and delete list items only. Other more senior members may be allocated ‘edit permissions’ where they can edit and delete lists.

In addition, meetings can still be held between teams across various locations leading to improved and easy sharing of ideas and information.

Anywhere access has the potential to enable companies to react quicker to business opportunities. As well as this, businesses also have the ability to cut down on expensive office rent, as employees can work from home.

More time to do what you do best

While servers are located offsite and left in the hand of the technically experienced providers, you can focus on running your business better than ever. When everything is stored in the cloud and accessible when needed, the time it takes to get up and running with services goes from days to minutes. Perfect for smaller businesses looking to stretch resources and become a bigger player in their market. Working in the cloud is essential to playing a comprehensive game in the ever-competitive world of business.

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