Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP Cloud) – Advanced protection made simple

The ever-changing world of technology is amid increasing threats and ransomware and inevitably, there is greater need and demand for advanced protection. Unlike usual security products, Symantec’s new endpoint service is cloud based. If you’re not sure what the benefits are of using cloud computing security, keep reading and we’ll tell you.

Benefit #1 - Stay ahead of threats

With cloud computing security, you can now stay ahead of threats 24/7/365 with intelligent agile, advanced cloud managed protection that is automatically updated. This means that as ransomworms and threats evolve to get past the most secure of systems, Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP Cloud) evolves too, updating automatically to keep your data and ultimately your business safe.

Benefit #2 - Advanced cloud protection

Yes, that’s correct. Advanced yet simple. For any business, local or global, it is essential to offer security that people will simply understand. If your customers operate mainly smaller businesses and think they may not need such protection, they are increasingly vulnerable as small to medium sized business make up the majority of victims to cyber attacks; 65% to be exact. SEP Cloud offers a single solution to protect all end-user endpoints… See, easy.

Benefit #3 - Secure everyone’s Cloud

As rental prices increase for expanding businesses, office space becomes limited meaning that the number of remote workers is expanding too. With cloud computing security, all work devices will be protected for both work use and the occasional personal use. By 2018, it is predicted that 70% of mobile workers will be using personal devices, so it is essential that there is a solution available to secure these devices. Featuring automatic configuration, any policies created are seamlessly applied to all of an employee’s devices, even when new devices are added by the user. In addition to automatic configuration, SEP Cloud supports all device types and platforms –  a vital step to fending off increasing threats in the mobile space.

Benefit #4 - Fully implement cloud security solutions

As mentioned, SMEs make up a whopping 65% of victims of cyber attacks. This may be because 33% of organisations lack the manpower required to fully implement strong security solutions. With cloud computing security, you take away the need for manpower and can protect all devices in real time, no matter where your workers are.

Benefit #5 - Fast action dashboard

With SEP Cloud, simply create an account and add users. Once users are added and groups have been created, you can easily create security and access policies. The intuitive policy creation feature means that policies can be created according to the employee’s job role as opposed to device used.  What’s more, you get the benefit of a fast action dashboard where you can add and view devices, see their status, distribution and usage reports that help you to ensure all devices are compliant and secure – a scalable and flexible defence for organisations.

Benefit #6 – Risky behaviour alerts

Risky behaviour alerts let you quickly identify hazardous user behaviour and set automatic email alerts that notify admins once the user has reached a set threshold of infectious actions. This helps to prevent any viruses making their way into your systems as you are aware of the threat before it takes hold.

Benefit #7 – Accessible self help

SEP Cloud features embedded self help articles, videos and advice that give IT the information they need every step of the way. This ensures that organisations can set up suitable configurations, at ease with readily available information to assist.

Benefit #8 – Zero incremental costs

Correct, zero. As devices are added, you still pay the same. With SEP Cloud, you pay for the number of users and not for the number of devices added to seats. Therefore, employees can secure both work and personal devices on their policy for no extra charge – a full threat proof security system designed to protect small to medium sized businesses.

Benefit #9 – A great addition to any reseller’s portfolio

One of the best aspects of Symantec’s brand new cloud computing security service is that it’s perfect for any reseller’s portfolio. Having been developed specifically for smaller to medium sized businesses, your smaller customers will have the option of an easy, scalable, affordable and robust security solution that is right for their business. Having this solution in your cloud services portfolio allows you to offer each and every single one of your customers tough defence to protect their very sensitive business data.

Benefit #10 – SEP C, provision in under 25 seconds! 

And the last benefit of SEP Cloud is that it is available from our industry leading, lightning speed portal, CASCADE. Provision SEP Cloud licences and 25 seconds later, they’re complete and ready to go. Forget waiting three days for licences, get almost instant protection only with intY CASCADE.

Everyone’s going cloud…

By 2020, 78% of SMEs will be fully adapted to cloud. Why leave it until 2020 to integrate advanced cloud protection? Don’t wait for an attack to happen, prevent it with SymantecEndpoint Protection Cloud.

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