Introducing: Acronis Data Cloud 7.5

Acronis has now rolled out the all new Data Cloud 7.5 to the US. Replacing the previous Backup Cloud 7.0, Data Cloud 7.5 now includes several other applications, one of which is Backup Cloud 7.0.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the new applications within Data Cloud 7.5, explain how each service performs and how your customers can benefit from the new features of this service.

But, before we dive into the functionalities of the new Data Cloud, let’s talk about its compatibility with Backup Cloud. Sure enough, Data Cloud contains and supports all Acronis Backup Cloud functionalities, is backwards compatible with Acronis Backup Cloud and any external systems and custom tools that use 7.0’s APIs will work with Acronis Data Cloud 7.5. Good to know.

So, Data Cloud is constructed with four main divisions to its platform.

Multi-Service Portal

Acronis Backup Cloud

Acronis Files Cloud

Disaster Recovery

Let’s talk about each in a little more detail…

The Multi-Service Portal

All services within Data Cloud are available from within one portal to make it easy to manage. The multi-service portal allows you to manage customer tenants with several Acronis services, manage quotas and features for each customer, manage quotas and features for a group of customers using folders and manage units to delegate access to part of customer organisation.

Acronis Backup Cloud

Acronis Backup Cloud now features new functionality. The below details the new elements of Backup and why we need them.

Why Office 365 cloud to cloud Backup?

Complete peace of mind – protection from user errors, hackers and malicious actions.

Regulatory compliance – that require businesses to have local copies of all their data.

Backup of Office 365 mailboxes to local storage or to Acronis cloud

Search and granular restore of emails, attachments, contacts and calendar

Self-service recovery

View mail content without recovery

Send mail as email

Backup status monitoring

Backup encryption

 Website Backup

With Acronis 7.5, you now get the great new feature of website backup. You may be sat there wondering, why website backup? Well, did you know every 0.65 seconds a new website is infected with malware? And that a staggering 30,000 websites are hacked every single day? Despite these surprising figures, four out of five website owners do not maintain a complete up to date backup solution with a staggering 63% completely unaware that their website has been compromised.

So, this means that website owners need a simple, easy to use and easy to understand backup solution so that they can ensure their website data is safe, and also be equipped with the necessary solutions in the event of an attack.

The Functionalities of Website Backup

Complete backup and restore of your website

Simple and easy to use web based cloud management dashboard

White label and co-brand into existing cloud service offerings

Multiple reseller tiers and multi-tenancy

Customisable self-service for customers with multi-language support

RESTful management API

Acronis Active Protection

Active Protection protects your data from ransomware and other threats with instant backup and instant restore.

Actively protects local files and backups

Actively protects local files and backups from modification or encryption.

Actively protects cloud backups

Actively protects cloud backups from alteration by safeguarding the Acronis agent from attacks.

Recovers data from attacks

It detects ransomware based on behavioural heuristic techniques and instantly backs up the files targeted by the ransomware while blocking the attack and restoring the files.

Actively protects files

Actively protects your files from unauthorised modification and encryption.

Protects Acronis files

Archive files, agent and server executables from modification.

Terminate ransomware

Phased roll out with granular remediation control alerts, blocks and terminates ransomware

This means that data can never be compromised. If any files are impacted prior to blocking an attack, they would automatically be restored for a backup.

Acronis Files Cloud

Acronis Files Cloud is cloud based enterprise grade file sharing for mobile, Mac and Windows. It features:

Sync and share feature for enterprise-grade files that is designed for service providers

Multi-tenant with multi-tier support for resellers

Branding and customisation

Full integration with Acronis Data Cloud, its public API and multi-service portal

Compatible with a provider’s own storage (hybrid deployment) - Acronis Storage 2.0, S3, SWIFT, Ceph, NAS, Azure)

Delivers strong reliability, availability, and serviceability requirements

As Acronis Files Cloud is part of Acronis Data Cloud, the multi-service management portal provides unified tenant/user provisioning and management, easy quota management and full usage reporting as well as hybrid deployment file sharing within tenants and between tenants.

Disaster Recovery

Acronis Disaster Recovery protects and restores data, servers, or entire data centres which have been affected by a natural or man-made disaster. Now, by natural disaster, we’re not talking about erupting volcanoes. As well as office fires and other incidents, we’re also talking about more common disasters such as disc failures and theft.


You may wonder why you’d need Disaster Recovery if you have Acronis Backup in place already. What Disaster Recovery offers is the speed it delivers. With Disaster Recovery, you are guaranteed a flexible recovery time objective (RTO) of up to 15 minutes or less per server.


Designed specifically for medium sized businesses to enterprises worldwide, Disaster Recovery provides an all-in-one complete solution for data recovery, backup and data storage for businesses who cannot afford to lose any data, experience downtime or sub-par risk migration.

No disruption

Disaster Recovery will back up and replicate your systems into an on-site appliance and Acronis cloud data centre. In case of outage, Acronis recovers and restarts your systems locally or in the Acronis cloud, so you don’t experience any disruption until you can safely fail back. Acronis Disaster Recovery will protect any physical or virtual system in any environment and in any location.

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Whether you need to recover a single file, a database, or an entire server – it’s as easy as a push-of-a-button. Acronis Disaster Recovery Service ensures that your business stays up and running by providing a flexible, pay-as-you-go service available now within CASCADE.

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