Microsoft Teams: Features List

We’ve all heard about Microsoft Teams, and if you were at intY Cloud Fest then you’ll remember Ted Eisele, Microsoft’s business development manager, presenting with much emphasis on this productivity tool...

In modern business, we thrive from being mobile. We can go anywhere at any time and take our office with us. Here is where Microsoft Teams comes into play… A modern collaboration tool which is built to elevate and enhance online collaboration even further.

So, in this blog, we’re going to highlight ten reasons you need to start using Teams, why it’s good and how it’s built for productivity…

1. Group Chat

Teams is essentially a social media platform for businesses and provides a central place for various working groups to collaborate. All message threads will be saved, allowing you to dive in and out when you need to, with the addition of being able to break off certain parts of the conversation, minimising confusion for other users when you’re catching up with the chat. By default, conversations are public, meaning that they’re visible to the whole team, however private chats are also available. If there are a fair few recipients in the chat, you can get the attention of a particular person by simply using the ‘@’ symbol, just like Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

2. Customisation

One really great feature of teams is that you can customise by creating different channels for specific topics. With the use of tabs, you can point different team members to relevant documents and applications. You can also enable notifications, like those of Twitter, to ensure members are alerted when there is any new activity.

3. Channels

In a team, there’s never only one project happening at once, and Teams allows you to create different channels for different projects. For example, in our team ‘intY Marketing’ we have channels such as online and offline, making it easy for different members of the team to see what’s going on when.

4. App Integration 

With Teams, you can fully integrate other Office 365 applications, which is one of the most beneficial features of this tool. Users can open and edit Word documents in Teams, without the need to download the document, edit and upload again. You can also create tabs for key applications such as OneNote or SharePoint.

5. Open Meetings

An open meeting in Teams is like teleporting your way to sit with your colleagues, face to face. Wherever you are, Teams replicates the experience of being right there in the meeting. So, even if you’re all in various places around the world, you can still hold the meeting, and talk as if you’re back in the office. Open meetings also allow other members to see what meetings are going on, and allows them to jump in and join the conversation.

6. Bots

This is one of our favourite features… Microsoft has introduced a range of bots to Teams.

Here are some:


Helps answer any questions you may have about using the product.


The WhoBot can answer questions about your colleagues. For example, if you need to know about the current incentives, you can ask WhoBot ‘who knows about current incentives?’ and WhoBot will pull any names of colleagues who have been involved in conversations.

Polly Bot

For polling team members.

Grow Bot

Allows you to exchange kudos with colleagues.

Stats Bot

Delivers scheduled reports via sources such as Google Analytics.

7. Make it fun

We all love a meme – you can’t deny that. Teams includes a feature where you can create meme style content for posting into your conversations. Liven up the chats, add emojis, gifs and custom stickers easily.

8. Take your team with you!

Teams is available on mobile – iOS and Android – so you can keep up to date with everything on the go from your mobile devices.

9. Security and Compliance

With the security of Office 365, Teams encrypts all data, all the time, with a transparent, operational model with no standing access to customer data. Microsoft have said that Teams meets compliance standards including HIPAA BAA, ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and SSAE 16 SOC 1 and 2 report.

10. It’s taking over…

If you use Skype for Business a lot, then you’ll probably know that Teams is going to take over. Make yourself and your customers familiar with Teams before Skype for Business is retired, and start being more productive and collaborative than ever.

If you’d like to know more, drop us a call today for more information.

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