Acronis Files Cloud: Built for MSPs by an MSP

Acronis Files Cloud is a new application within Data Cloud 7.5 which allows a user – mobile, remote or otherwise – to access files, sync and share safely in a secure hosted cloud solution. For an overview of this service and why you’ll want to sell it to your customers, this blog will highlight the key features and benefits of Files Cloud.

Key features

Yes, Acronis services do provide us with backup solutions in the event of a disaster. But, Files Cloud offers more. Let’s give you the run down…

As we said above, Files Cloud is a secure hosted cloud solution that enables workers to access files, sync and share safely. As more and more businesses invest in cloud services, more and more of our data and content is being shared in and via the Cloud.

As an example, pretty much everyone you know uses Microsoft cloud services, right? So, whether we are based in the office, based remotely or are mobile, we can access our favourite applications and important information from anywhere… However, this means that a cybercriminal with the right skills can as well.

This kind of remote syncing and sharing outside the secure business network leaves us increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. So, Files Cloud now integrates with Microsoft Office native applications such as Word and Excel for maximum editing power and file control, hosted in a highly secure environment. Files Cloud offers the most comprehensive security for sharing data with others with over-the-air and on-device encryption.

What’s more, Files Cloud enables your customers to work with the content and data they need, on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac. This means that no matter which devices your customers use, you and they both can rest assured knowing that Files Cloud will work. Any mobile devices, including the increasingly popular BYOD policy, are transformed into a secure and private business platform.

Key benefits for MSPs

As well as the many great benefits of keeping your and your customers’ data secure, we have to talk about the other benefits to you as an MSP. Acronis says that this service is designed exclusively for MSPs. Which, it seems it is. It was designed by a service provider for a service provider… Let’s dive in…

1. Brand as your own service

Did you know that you can brand Acronis Files Cloud as your own service? We think that’s pretty cool. After all, you guys do the hard work in selling and supporting the service to keep your customers’ data safe, so why shouldn’t this be your service?

2. Hosted by Acronis

Files Cloud is fully hosted by Acronis, so you won’t have to bother with the upkeep of infrastructure.

3. Customisation

With this customisation, you’ll be able to retain more customers, attract new customers and grow revenues by drastically improving the service you deliver to your customers. And they’ll be able to do the same. *See point 5.

4. It's easy peasy

Files Cloud easily scales out to support millions of end user customers. It’s so easy to sell, deploy and scale – easy work for great revenue results.

5. Improve productivity

*It’s easy to sell because Files Cloud enables your customers to work with the content and data they need, at any time, no matter which device they are using. This kind of flexibility means that they can improve their productivity, resulting in better customer service, more time to attract new customers and grow their revenues. Strategic flexibility is the key to growth – your customers will be able to respond rapidly to critical business matters and customer enquiries.

6. Multiple reseller tiers

There are multiple reseller tiers and multi-tenancy.

7. Super support

You’ll receive ‘top bob as usual’ support from our partner contact centre and technical escalations team. Rest assured knowing that any technical issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our awesome team.

8. No up-front investment

No up-front investment – quickly set up and go.

9. Provide the best privacy

Files Cloud gives you the opportunity to meet the exact needs and demands of your customers by providing the best privacy and data security expected.

10. Minimal training required

Forget the skills gap. Files Cloud has a straight forward management console to configure and manage policies – minimal training is required.


Files are the most important thing at work. Without them, we’d be in trouble. That’s why we do all we can to protect them. So, if you’re looking for the best, most secure, most scalable, easy to use, quick to deploy and ready to sell files access, sync and share solution, get in touch today. Our cloud specialists are on hand to help you enhance and expand your portfolio, and start making more money, easily.

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