Case study: Revolutionise the way you on-board customers onto Office 365

At Lucidica, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with first rate IT support. We believe our success isn’t just down to the technology we provide, but critically, the consultants and engineers who deliver it. We aren’t your typical IT company whose only focus is simply fixing problems – we do more and go beyond the standard, driven by our staff. Because of this we demand the same approach and work-ethic from the partners we work with.
— Thomas Jeffs
founder and director, at Lucidica.

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Established in 1999, Lucidica is an IT support company based in east-London. The company’s approach is simple – it manages your IT department so you can concentrate on what your business does best. It currently provides support for over 200 SMEs in the London area, amongst industries including architecture, legal practices and building services, as well as many, many more. Microsoft Office 365, forms an integral part of its service offering – customers understand and trust the Microsoft name, and because of this it experiences huge demand for Office 365 services, but meeting this demand is not without its challenges, which Jeffs elaborates on.

intY helps Lucidica to grow its Microsoft Office 365 licensing by 63 per cent, through the power of CASCADE


“Being able to provide Microsoft services to our customers is incredibly reassuring for them. The types of businesses we serve, while typically small-in-size, often operate in busy and competitive markets. Because of this they need to ensure that the technology they work with is compatible globally. Microsoft Office 365, and the brand awareness behind it, satisfies this need and because of that we experience huge demand for it.”

“Historically, we used to satisfy this demand by obtaining the licenses for Office 365 directly from an IT distributor, but this resulted in numerous challenges. Firstly, obtaining the license was often a lengthy process, which then often saw corresponding issues then arise with the managing and maintenance of the license itself. For perspective, at the time we had over 100 customers using Office 365 and this figure was growing – to on-board customers would typically take up to three days, which meant valuable time was being lost on what should have been a simple process; setting up the license itself.

“We recognised the inefficiency which existed in this process and took active steps to look at faster and smarter ways we could get customers onto the Office 365 license. It was at this point we were introduced to intY.”


intY, is a global cloud distributor. With an extensive network of partners worldwide, it offers a huge range of cloud services from industry leaders such as Microsoft, and a host of other leading IT vendors. Its services can all be accessed via its award-winning self-service portal CASCADE.

The CASCADE cloud marketplace enables partners to browse, order and manage services on behalf of their customers 24/7/365. This allows resellers, and managed service providers an integrated one touch provisioning, billing and management solution. The ease and simplicity of CASCADE quickly opened Lucidica’s eyes to the possibilities of how it could manage its Office 365 licensing in a much faster manner, as Jeffs explains:

“Office 365 is incredibly important to our business. If you speak to resellers, you’ll find that many might say that Office 365 isn’t necessarily valuable in terms of margins to a business, but the real value comes from its brand strength. Resellers won’t sell it to make money, they’ll sell it to support customers and drive value through other channels. Because of this, spending three days setting up a customer on Office 365 and then the corresponding support, is counter-productive – if the process can be done quicker, we can then donate more time to our customers. intY understood this challenge very early on and through CASCADE, were then able to then take that on-boarding process down to one hour, which proved truly invaluable to not only us but our customers. Access to CASCADE meant any future changes to existing licenses could be configured in minutes, not days, meaning again, valuable time was saved.

“Critically, another value-add which significantly aided the process was with our direct relationship with intY itself. Historically, a challenge we faced with our previous IT distributor was having to deal and speak to multiple people in the setting up and managing of licenses. At intY, we have one designated account manager, who knows our business inside out and importantly our customers. They speak to us daily, which means that when an issue does arise we can easily resolve it in a fraction of the time. We believe in providing a personalised service to our customers and want the same from the people we work with too. intY aspires to these same values.”


“Working with intY has revolutionised the way we on-board customers onto Office 365. We started working with them in May 2016 and in the year that passed we increased our Office 365 licensing by 62 per cent. Previously, keeping up with demand from customers to obtain licenses was a real struggle for our business, but thanks to intY and our access to CASCADE, it now means that when we are approached for an Office 365 license we can action this almost instantly. This gives our customers piece-of-mind knowing that they can remain connected in their own markets, while leaving us then free to carry on managing the rest of their IT estate in the most efficient manner possible.”

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