Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365

With Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft has brought two services to the forefront of virtual desktop working. As a reseller, we will provide you with the confidence to take these solutions to market.

  • Gain understanding and accreditations for your VDI services
  • Deliver attractive Azure VDI offerings with support for pricing and Go-to-Market strategies
  • Receive technical support for your in-house and customer Azure solutions
  • intY’s Azure Practice brings together a team of specialists with a single goal: to aid resellers through the learning, planning and implementation behind every Azure solution.
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Knowing Your Solutions

Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 offer two diverse approaches to VDI, making it easier for you and your customers to identify the perfect solution.


Azure Virtual Desktop is: Windows 365 is:
Flexible Simplified
Suitable for all enterprises Designed for Small to Medium Enterprises
Priced based on consumption Priced per user, per month
Provides enhanced administrative capabilities Requires less administrative oversight
Provides both personal & pooled desktops Provides a personal desktop for users

The Desktops in the Detail

Understand both VDI solutions, and how they help make the Cloud easier for you and your customers, with our detailed product comparison chart.

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The intY Approach

A great CSP does more than provide – it enables. That’s why we support your Microsoft and Azure offerings from the ground up. From as early as training and accreditation, up until you’re ready to take your offerings to market, we make sure your Azure service journey isn’t one you take alone, with support across these key areas:


We provide the education and resources that drive knowledge and confidence, enabling our partners to understand their services – and deliver them expertly.


We simplify billing and suggest the best costing strategies that make your customers VDI as cost-effective for you as it is for them.


We provide technical support for your solutions – helping you configure and deploy your Virtual Desktops to your customers’ bespoke requirements.


We help make your Managed Service marketable, with training, certification and co-operative funding that helps you better sell your services.

intY’s Azure Practice
comprises certified Azure Virtual Desktop Specialists from Microsoft, helping you:

  • Assess, discover and deliver on exceptional Azure opportunities
  • Manage licensing and user profiles across VDI solutions
  • Identify solutions and opportunities for your business and your customer
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Deliver the Modern Workplace

Deliver Cloud-connected, collaborative workspaces with greater choice and flexibility than ever. With Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, your customers have Cloud-capable solutions as simple or succinct as they need them to be.

With intY’s expertise, we help you understand your VDI offerings better, deploy them to the standards of Azure accredited specialists and deliver evolving VDI solutions that keep customers loyal. Speak to a member of our Azure Practice today and evolve your Azure portfolio.

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