Join our Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer, Tom Button, and Azure Enablement Consultant, Theo Breet for our Azure Technical Workshop – Perfect for those who have previously looked into Azure and can see an opportunity for adopting it into your business model – but aren’t sure where to start.

Tom Button - Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer, intY
Tom Button - Cloud Pre-Sales Engineer, intY
Theo Breet - Microsoft Enablement Consultant for Azure, intY
Theo Breet - Microsoft Enablement Consultant for Azure, intY

The session will start with an introduction to Azure and will then be broken down into four key areas: Business Outcomes, Readiness, Considerations and Landing Zones.

Business Outcomes:

As an MSP, simply reselling Azure isn’t enough. There are a breadth of solutions availabe to enable you to build out your own repeatable, scalable solution – powered by Azure.

  • How to compliment your offering with Azure
  • Why establishing an Azure Practice makes sense
  • What does your customer want to achieve?
  • Choosing the right first project


It is important to ensure that you, and your company, are ready to support your customers on their transition to Azure and beyond.

  • Azure Implementation & Management, how to
  • Technical up-skilling & enablement
  • Empower your sales team to be Azure Ready
  • How will you go-to-market with repeatable Azure Solutions?

Migration & Deployment Considerations: Once you have established that your customer is a suitable candidate for Azure, there are questions that you should be asking your customer, as well as questions that need to be asked internally.

  • Customer Suitability
  • Cost / Commercial Viability
  • Discovery & Assessments
    •  Servers
    • Databases
    • AVD
  • Resource Consideration

Landing Zones: Landing Zones are an important feature that enable you to have a consistent Azure deployment.

  • What is a Landing Zone?
  • Why are Landing Zones Important?
  • Landing Zone Fundamentals
  • Landing Zone Technical Components

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