Endlessly Enable Your Customers with Expert Azure Migration

Liberate your services from the confines of on-prem hardware and bring your customers with you into a transformative Cloud platform.

At intY, we evolve both your business and your customers; not only through their migration into Azure but for everything you need before, during and after.

    • Providing extensive opportunities for customers’ end-of-life solutions
    • Delivering an evolving and recurring revenue stream
    • Accessing powerful, Cloud-native technologies that evolve your services and engage your customers
    • Enabling your business with endless technical possibilities – and no hardware costs to consider
    • intY’s Azure Practice brings together a team of specialists with a single goal: to aid resellers through the learning, planning and implementation of every Azure solution.
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A Future Foundation
for You and Your Customer

The Cloud is now the standard in business technologies – and as a Cloud provider, you want yours to work smarter, faster and deliver unbeatable solutions.

With intY’s Azure Practice, your MSP becomes a Cloud powerhouse; surpassing your business potential and delivering the benefits on to your customers. When both of you are Azure-enabled, both of you achieve exceptional results – and long-lasting business relations.


Your Business… Your Customers…
Moves into an Opex pricing model and away from one-off hardware or licensing costs Only pay for the Azure services they use, as they need them
Makes your technologies easier to manage, with an IaaS, SaaS and PaaS shared responsibility model Avoid upfront costs with the Opex pricing model and require no further hardware or upgrades
Introduces value-added services to customers already within the Microsoft 365 environment Have a future-proofed infrastructure that’s scalable and supportive of any future technical solutions
Secures Monthly Recurring Revenue from customers with the Azure payment model Can move into a Cloud-enabled environment at pace, with hybrid solutions that support their transition
Exponentially increases your Managed Services portfolio and in-house technical capabilities Add extra operational value to their existing Microsoft services – with greatly simplified licensing.


With our Azure Practice, you’ve expert assistance for every stage of your and your customers’ Azure journey, preparing you for all things Azure.

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Azure Sales and Technical Workshop

Take your first steps into Azure. Learn what essential data to migrate, how to move into the Azure Cloud, and how to offer Azure services that convert customers quickly. Our Azure Sales and Technical Workshop is brought to you with the specialist assistance of the intY Azure Practice.

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The intY Approach

Migration is just one half of the journey. Our Azure Practice goes beyond your typical CSP, building your Azure product knowledge from the ground up and supporting you long after your sales success. The result is the most complete approach to Azure service delivery a CSP can provide, delivering on:


Providing the education and resources that drive knowledge and confidence, we help you understand Azure’s potential impact on your business and customers.


We simplify billing and suggest the best costing strategies. Learn how to save on your Azure Migration and deliver attractive pricing to your customers’.


We provide technical support for your solutions – configuring and deploying your Azure Migration while equipping you to tackle future ones.


We help make your Migration services marketable, with training, certification and co-operative funding that helps you better sell your services.

The intY CSP Partnership

intY has been a Microsoft CSP since 1997, delivering both the expected Cloud services, plus exceptional added support for everything before and after implementation.

A high-level management portal in Cascade – which makes it easy to curate the right Cloud solutions for you and your customers.

Consistent customer satisfaction based on our ongoing support, knowledge and services.

A people-first upskilling scheme, training users to Microsoft’s high levels of service and understanding.

A team of professional pre-sales advisers helping you navigate the after-market challenges surrounding Azure.

Exclusive sales opportunities, developed in close partnership with Microsoft.

Data-led sales opportunities with intY Partner Insights; a holistic view of your customers’ Cloud consumption.

Discover an evolving Cloud platform and deliver cutting-edge Cloud technologies. Learn the full, transformative extent of our Azure Practice services by arranging a consultation today.

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Take Your Cloud and Customers Further

Deliver specialised Azure solutions, extend your product portfolio and provide customer solutions that separate you from your competitors. With intY’s Azure Migration support, you pave the way for long-lasting customer relations.

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