Agency Model

Through our Agency Model, we allow our partners to access amazing new revenue streams with ease. The Agency Model is a customer referral model where you introduce your customer to a vendor, the vendor will quote, deploy and bill your customer directly, whilst you benefit from a one-off incentive bonus for qualifying deals, plus a monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the service.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to leading Unified Communication and Network providers
  • You can have a more vendor agnostic approach, without the need to lose out on deals because you aren’t upskilled on a particular vendor product
  • Vendors do all of the hard work, including the sales process, deployment, invoicing and support
  • Lucrative model allowing you to have more time to focus on selling

See below the 5-steps to success with our Agency Model, plus more information on our fantastic Agency vendors!

5-steps to success

Step 1: You identify a sales opportunity

Whether it’s via direct sales or organic leads, you identify new UCaaS, CCaaS or connectivity sales opportunities from within your customer base, and pass them onto us.

Step 2: We provide you with our vendor info!

We’ll provide you with all necessary vendor information that will allow you to select the most suitable provider.

Step 3: You select the vendor

Once you’re satisfied that the vendor will best fit your customers’ requirements, you’ll log your opportunities on their portal.

Step 4: Vendor qualifies the opportunity

Once the opportunity has been converted, the vendor will liaise directly with you and your customer to qualify your requirements.

Step 5: You get paid!

As soon as the service has been rolled out successfully, we’ll pay you a commission fee for identifying the opportunity.

Agency Vendors

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