Billing and usage at a customer level

Each of your customers will now have their own dedicated Acronis Backup storage allowance. For the first month the intY team will take each of your customers’ usage for March from the Acronis console, add these to CASCADE as well as applying a 5% increase for growth and will use this quota for the first month. Moving forward you can log in to CASCADE and alter this accordingly. This means that moving forward as a partner you will have a specific allowance for each of your customers. This will provide for a greater billing experience and provide more control over your customers data.

Per unit ordering

intY have simplified the allowance process and you will now be able to order Acronis Backup storage per GB per month for each of your customers. The previous fixed packages of 250GB, 500GB, etc have been removed and now you can simply order the exact quantity required.

Acronis Backup storage destinations are now specific

  • Acronis Backup storage destinations are now specific, enabling you to specify your customers’ storage destination. The specific locations are CloudLocalHybrid (Private DC) and Azure/AWS.
  • intY have produced a Cloud & Local bundle at a discounted price.
  • For the first month, intY have reviewed each of your customers’ previous backup storage locations and applied them to correct SKUs. This can be altered in CASCADE. Where a customer is using both Cloud & Local we have applied the bundled SKU as this carries a lower cost.

What happens if my customers exceed their allowance?

By default, the Acronis system will not restrict your customers from backing up their data. Once your customer has exceeded their allocated allowance the system will continue to backup and retain their data. Acronis now operate an overage charge when an allocated allowance is exceeded. CASCADE will calculate any overage and apply this accordingly, adding charges to your invoice. Removing any restrictions now gives peace of mind that all data will be backed up, even in the unexpected case of an allowance being exceeded.

If you have any queries or would like further information about the Acronis Backup price change, please contact your intY Cloud Sales Specialist on UK/EU +44 1454 640500 or US +1 (240) 399-3237.

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